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$15 Per Hour Viewing Ads! This Is Real, Folks ...

AdFlasher just launched in August 2009 and has been paying promptly,
daily. Payment processors accepted are PayPal (they are approved by
AlertPay, GoogleCheckout and Liberty Reserve.

This looks like a real winner - you get to earn your money back in the
same day and earn 100% profit as well. The more time you have, and the
more you
can click, the more you will earn!

Spend $15 on ad purchase, view 100 sites (takes about 1 hour to
complete) and receive $30 in your account in a few hours. You can
repeat the process
over and over again.

1 hour a day = $105 per week = $420 per month
2 hours a day = $210 per week = $840 per month
4 hours a day = $420 per week = $1680 per month

Once you buy an ad pack, click on Ad Viewer. A full page screen will
come up with 54 boxes. A yellow highlight will randomly light up
various boxes as
it flashes all over the page.

Then you'll see a 4 second timer appear in one of the boxes,
IMMEDIATELY click on that box and a full page ad will appear. You must
click on the box
before the 4 second timer ends or you have to start over. You would just start that 1 view over.

Let the ad fully load and stay on that page/ad for about 5 seconds or
so. If you leave too early, again you have to start over. Once the
page has
loaded, click on the 'close' link in the upper right hand corner.

The process will repeat - highlight will bounce around the page, once
you see the 4 second timer, click on that box, and let the page/ad load
up for
about 5 seconds, then close the page.

Each time you complete this process (2-4 times) you'll earn 30 cents. When you finish all 100, you'll earn $30.

Repeat the process as you wish!

JOIN FREE at the link below, take a look around and upgrade if you like it!
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